Time to blow the dust off and finally get in gear and start blogging more.

When I started this blog my original intent was to talk about my experiences as a developer and along with the wife’s experiences as a PM and Business Analyst. Well time changes all things. The wife will soon be starting a blog about being a newly minted stay at home mom which I’ll link to once the wonder woman is up and running. I’m going to now focus on my experiences as a dev, Android development, general technology and my experiences with a couple of startups including my current startup BugginMe.

Welp that’s it for now. I’m playing around with themes to find one that fits the style I like now and hopefully I can clean up a number of half done posts that I’ve just never published in the past 2 or 3 years and get them out there. Until next time. I’ll hit publish on this one now so it doesn’t die like the rest. 😉