I guess I better start using it (years after I started it).

I’ve made it one of my goals for the year to put some time into blogging. I won’t call it a resolution. I feel like that automatically makes it something I’ll forget by February. Instead I kinda make a theme or themes for the year. 2011 into 2012 was a bad time for me and my family so the theme for 2013 was making this year different than the last. And it was. My wife and I got ClassbuzzApp out of pilot and into a closed beta among other things.

But last year wasn’t enough. I had projects that I started but never finished. I had goals that I never got started on. So this year my theme is to get more done. I’ll put some of the things I want to do here as a reminder to myself.

  • Use this blog 🙂
  • Build a quadrocopter from scratch with my kids
  • More Android dev work; Get an app I’ve been sitting on into the Play Store
  • Release a 2D game
  • Get up to speed on 3D game development
  • Learn my way around Blender for 3D modeling

I got underway with the last two quickly. I’d already been sitting on an idea and some code for a 2D mobile football game for awhile. Seeing a similar idea hit the Play Store let me know I need to stop sitting on it. There’s also a lot of things I liked to attempt in 3D gaming but if time doesn’t permit I’d at least like to understand the modern concepts. I’m learning JMonkeyEngine (uggh to Java but the SDK and tooling make for a good clean place to start) The same goes for modeling with Blender. Such a great free tool that I’ve known about and tinkered with for over 10 years but I’ve never sat down and worked through some good tutorials. I plan to start ordering the quadrocopter parts in the coming months and I think I have a handle on my flight control code that I intend to write in Go.

I plan to blog about my progress here but I guess if you don’t see any progress then you’ll know I’ve failed at item #1 lol. I don’t expect that I’ll finish everything up there but I definitely want to put more work into the goals this year.